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RA&W – Research Analysis & Wing, India’s External Spy Agency seldom occupies any news unlike CIA, ISI, Mossad, MI6 etc., and is more secretive than any spy agency in the world although they have successfully executed many clandestine operations in Asia. Escape to Nowhere is a new spy thriller by Amar Bhushan (Original NO 3 man in RA&W, now retired). The book comes under fiction category, although the story is derived from real facts, I suppose the characters and stories were made to be fictional due to the Secret Acts of India Act (OSA) for which officials adhere to.
Escape to Nowhere

I rarely read fiction books, and this one kindled my interests as it was a real & rare story about RA&W and the incident described has produced huge embarrassment to India and after “The Kao Boys of RA&W” this is only the second book, detailing about operational capability of RA&W. I really enjoyed the English used by Amar in this narrative. The narrated scenes was quite neat, and would have really made it much cooler, if he had elaborated some of the scenes contextually more (may be editor played a role to cut short). Tiny details about the agency and its various wings and its operational capability were thrown through out the story and is a rare read. He ends the story with the full details, on  where about of the traitor, through which you can gasps the embarrassment to both Spy Agencies.
Am sure the book would occupy a permanent place in book shelf of many Spy agencies of the World and to any Indians who love to know about RA&W.
You can buy the eBook, kindle version from Amazon here and Nook version here and is also available in India here.

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