Adidas to Buy Reebok in $3.8-Billion Deal

Adidas to Buy Reebok in $3.8-Billion Deal , surely problem for Nike. If we can predict the mergers we can buy the companies shares and become a billionare in few years. hmm, but the CEO’s keep it as a top management secret whenever they go for buying a company. In this case Adidas paid 34% premium for the Reebok shares.

Another acquisition from Oracle this time in India, Iflex , they bought 41% stake from citigroup, and 20% from the public. Who earns it in this deal? Ofcrse, citigroup, they invested $32 millions some years back building the iflex banking product and now sweeped $909 millions by selling the same 41% stake to oracle. 10-15 years returns is running in such millions, we ought to really build ourselves for such big games.

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