Auto Insurance

Switched my auto insurance carrier today, as per friends advise. He indeed suggested to go to the specialist brokers as he did and strike a deal, I did exactly the same, the specialists simply compared 30 licensed insurer and gave me a best deal. Again it saved me hundreds of dollars on insurance premiums with a good rise in deductibles on collision and comprehensive coverage. she took the car pictures herself and got it approved instantly. Need to learn the laws of money. present value formula and future value formula from people it will always excites me.
I was so tired today, got a decent sleep after coming up from office. Will catch up sleep again now..


Cage I live in…

The Long Drive to Lala’s land was nice, I-5 freeway, for 259 miles made the job easier, listened to 6 comedy tracks and 32 songs repeatedly, now I knew which track each song is in..;)
For the next 2 weeks am gonna live in this cage in this part of the world.Dsc00676 Dsc00674

Cool city Downtown looks splendid…just started exploring…lot to do,  now need to iron my clothes for tomorrow’s office..:(

Lala’s Land…

Hitting 2nd Largest city in US, on saturday. Want to discover why it is a place for celebrities..Need to check the nightlife there 
Anyway going on for official purpose, will allot sometime to explore it and hoping to settle there


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