Customer Support Executive and me…

My mum in India got a strange call at 12 midnight, from a Citibank customer representative on the conversion of my account, and the day b4 he sended me a mail from his id. Calling someone at tht time enquiring details of the account is bad and I wanted to blast him but couldnt find his phone number so mailed him the next morning since I had his mail, asking explanation for the same.

check his reply:

I always sleep at 11.30pm night (indian timing’s)there is no way mecalling at 12pm mid night as you explained in the mail

since he doesnt want to admit I doesnt want to leave him, called up citibank asked them to connect to the customer support manager and I told them about it and he immediately apologised and I asked him to take action against this guy. So I forwarded his mail to his manager.

Now why cant this guy admit and apologise.

New Apartment…

The PMI courseware that am practising now is giving me nightdreams. The case studies gives me a good experience for the real certification test but still miles and miles to go. Hope to complete it successfully in August.

Finally got settled with Apartment, the Yahoo guy who works here, will join me this friday. The Apartment is just opposite to the pool and comes with my fav number too. Had asked the Manager to install Aircondition in the other bed room, he promised will do it free this saturday. My Colleague Singh ji who has been demoralised by number of  Apartment Managers as Osama Bin Laden’s Nephew (sad, he faced such a discrimination here) is also joining my Apartment complex with his family.

For Long weekend I will be travelling to Texas where I will be meeting my class mate cum former colleague cum close friend and awaiting delicious dishes from him 😉

Check out this Fortune Magazine’s 25 Breakout companies 2005 lists, most of it falls under biotech, mobile technology, contents and gadgetry. Future seems to be more promising.

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